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of the romney campaign. >> when mitt romney accused the president of going on an apology tour you said america had been dismissive and devicive. >> fact check, the apology tour label is misleading. the president never apologized. the closest was when he said the u.s. played a role in the 1953 overthrow of a democraticly elected government in iran. but mr. obama countered that mentioned by saying islamic revolution played it's own role in hostage taking and acts of violence. another was over romney claiming credit for high educational test scores when governor of massachusetts. >> republicans and democrats came together to put in place education principle that's focused on having great teachers in the classroom. >> but that was 10 years before you took office. >> massachusetts test scores were among the nation's highest before mitt romney took office. but what about the president's claim romney would have let u.s. auto maker goes belly up. >> if we had taken your advice we'd be buying cars from china. >> the president is wrong when he said romney favored letting auto companies go under. he want
extravaganza. we're going pull an all nighter. mitt romney trying to make a last minute pitch to undecided voters.. >> when elected we're going t to... we're going to replace obama care and take that $716 billion and put it back in medicare, writ belongs. >> the republican presidential nominee told a crown in reno they should consider their personal circumstances before voting. >> both presidential candidates doing their best to mug for cameras. there is a senate candidate who isn't happy about being the center of attention. mark matthews is here with that and other developments in this campaign. >> yes. he stepped in. republican senate candidate from indiana found himself in a starring role in an antiromney add. >> this fall i'm supporting richard murdock for senate. >> mitt romney endorsed richard murdock but that is before he said this. >> i believe life begins at conception, i think when even when live begins with a horrible situation of rape that is something god intended to happen. >> the senate candidate reiterated his belief abortions shoulding illegal for women who became pregnant
president has ever done. mitt romney creeps ahead from a poll. >> what have you done to address california economic collapse some. >> also here, dianne feinstein won't debate her, an east bay challenger pops up one one of her own. >> a question of death or life. voters go to the polls to decide whether to abolish >>> with just 12 days to go, mitt romney is moving up in polls. according to a survey, of likely voters out today, romney's support reached 50% for the first time to 47% for president obama. the margin is wider over who do you trust to handle the economy. this is the first time eempblg candidate held a clear lead. the polling indicates romney is gaining support among white men. >> today romney spent the day in ohio where polls show him running behind. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. romney saying it's time for change in washington. >> our campaign is about big things. we happen to believe america faces big challenges. we recognize this is a year with a big choice and americans want to see big changes and i'm going to bring to it this country. >> mr
battle ground state mitt romney promised to rejuvenate the american economy and vowed bipartisan leadership. >> meet with democrat and republican leaders in washington regularly. we're going to look for common ground. we'll put interest of the american people above the interest of the politicians. >> the republican presidential nominee pledged policy changes. and romney is out campaigning g.o.p. vice presidential nominee spent the day fund raising. >> money matters another set back for apple. it's stock dipped below $600 a share for the first time in three months today. closing at 6:05. down 100 points in a no because of lower earnings. apple says the new mini sold out for now. the dow industrials are down more than 200 points for the week. the nasdaq went up slightly. s and p lost a little ground today. one owned a television network? the new york post reports current tv founded by former vice president al gore put itself up for sale. >> there is more still to come tonight. just ahead abc 7 news i team. >> with a bizarre rant of a serial killer told the key to a disappearance of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4